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Felt Rosette Wreath

According to my blog post history, I’m becoming a tad predictable. It seems that every autumn, I experience a strong urge to craft and apparently this urge mainfests itself in wreath form. And true to wreath form, this year is no different!

Thanks to Christopher Columbus and government holidays, this banker is currently on the tail end of a lovely three-day weekend filled with late mornings, movie nights with Clooney and Gosling, Starbucks salted caramel mochas, and Pinterest surfing. I can’t get enough of this website! So many cute ideas for home decor, baking, fashion, crafting, travel–the possibilities are endless.

Two hours in to my Pinterest pinning, I discovered a series of adorable felt rosette wreaths. They were colorful, festive, and best of all, seemingly simple to make! Before I knew it, I found myself mulling over colored felt sheets in the fabric section at Michael’s, Starbucks in hand and felt rosette wreaths on my mind. I decided on yellow and purple, or at least what looked like yellow and purple to this colorblind girl.

A few hours and one hot glue gun burn later, success:

I made the rosettes in varying sizes to mix it up a bit and fly in the face of my perfectionist side.

I love the end result!

While I’m certainly proud of my new creation, I can’t take credit for the whole rosette wreath idea. I found Stelabird on Pinterest and she offers great a tutorial on her blog along with a wealth of other cute DIYs. Check out Stelabird’s rosette wreath tutorial and get to work making your own!

And start following me on Pinterest to kick-start your own pinning obsession. I promise you won’t regret it!

Happy fall, y’all!


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