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After giving it some serious thought* I’ve decided that Thursday is currently vying for top billing as my favorite day of the week. I’m sure some might argue that Friday is the better choice, or even Saturday–but who listens to those people? Those people probably have obnoxiously loud cell phone conversations in public restrooms and support People Magazine’s selection of Bradley Cooper as Sexiest Man Alive (Dear Ryan Gosling, you were robbed). Who needs those people?

No, Thursday definitely has me wrapped around its little finger. The week is nearly over, weekend plans have yet to be solidified so the days ahead are full of possibility, the anticipation of ordering my Friday morning latte continues to mount, and that to-do list I’ve been slave to all week has slowly but surely whittled itself down to a handful of completely manageable tasks that can most certainly be accomplished in the one remaining day of the work week. Plus, in the event that new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and The Office coincide on the same night, Thursday is practically perfection!

In honor of this newly realized love for Thursday, I’ve decided to play tennis this weekend for the first time in several years (pray for me and those anywhere near the vicinity of the tennis courts) AND attempt to turn these:

{empty wine bottles teeming with DIY project potential}

…into a variation of these:

{wine bottle centerpieces from More Design Please}

I’ll keep you posted on the finished product. I’m still looking for ways to repurpose the wine corks, so feel free to share any nuggets of DIY wisdom you’re willing to divulge!

Wish me luck,


*Loosely translated, “serious thought” means the time it takes for me to scramble an egg and make French toast for dinner–approximately 6 minutes and 28 seconds.


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We’ve moved! After two years, three months, and several coats of spackle to cover the gaping nail holes birthed from a debatably successful shelving installation, Meg and I have left behind the world of apartment living and moved in to a brand new house (to us, anyway) in Brentwood with our dear friends Caroline Green and Katy Boatman–or as I like to call them, C-Lo Green and Katy Boat. Side note: head over to Katy Boat’s blog to get to know more about these lovely ladies and fellow Bachelor/Bachelorette enthusiasts.

While the moving process was long and arduous (drinking a skinny vanilla latte while watching two men carry all of your belongings up and down several flights of stairs can be surprisingly tiring), it feels wonderfully satisfying to finally be “in” the new house and start getting settled.

Historically, the first thing I do whenever I move into a new place is decorate, followed by set up TV, organize jewelry, and scope out the closest Starbucks.

A girl’s got to have her priorities straight, people.

Therefore it should not have come as a surprise to anyone who knows me well that after a full day of moving last Saturday, I called up my sweet parents on Sunday and begged them to come over and help me hang curtains and pictures. Part of me feels like I should be able to tackle these types of projects on my own by now, however a larger part of me remembers the aforementioned shelving debacle of 2010 and knows better than to start randomly hammering nails in the wall and expect reasonably good results. Thankfully, Papa Joe and Tam showed up at my doorstep that afternoon armed with a step-ladder and an extra measure of patience and set to work helping me beautify my space. I’ve still got a ways to go and a few more walls to dress up, but I snapped a quick “after” picture to share:

{Duvet from West Elm, pillows from West Elm, HomeGoods, and Pier One}

Big thanks to Papa Joe and Tam for their continued love and support as well as their promise (implied, right?) to return and help me finish hanging pictures once C-Lo’s cordless drill has had a chance to re-charge.

Quick weekend recap: Hunger Games on Friday night (a.k.a. the night Andrea and I realized we are NOT premiere people) and brunch with Jayme at Crema on Saturday, followed by a quick jaunt over to the Nashville Flea Market with Meg, where I purchased a delightfully old set of books (published in 1909) for $12 and a beautiful, somewhat dirty, old window for $10:

{A Girl of the Limber-Lost, Watch and Wait, and The Luck of Denewood}

{Old window/TBD wall decor} 

I have yet to figure out what I want to do with the window, but I’m predicting several hours will be spent researching DIY ideas on Pinterest. Hours well spent, in my humble opinion.

Back to unpacking! Happy Sunday, all!


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