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After giving it some serious thought* I’ve decided that Thursday is currently vying for top billing as my favorite day of the week. I’m sure some might argue that Friday is the better choice, or even Saturday–but who listens to those people? Those people probably have obnoxiously loud cell phone conversations in public restrooms and support People Magazine’s selection of Bradley Cooper as Sexiest Man Alive (Dear Ryan Gosling, you were robbed). Who needs those people?

No, Thursday definitely has me wrapped around its little finger. The week is nearly over, weekend plans have yet to be solidified so the days ahead are full of possibility, the anticipation of ordering my Friday morning latte continues to mount, and that to-do list I’ve been slave to all week has slowly but surely whittled itself down to a handful of completely manageable tasks that can most certainly be accomplished in the one remaining day of the work week. Plus, in the event that new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and The Office coincide on the same night, Thursday is practically perfection!

In honor of this newly realized love for Thursday, I’ve decided to play tennis this weekend for the first time in several years (pray for me and those anywhere near the vicinity of the tennis courts) AND attempt to turn these:

{empty wine bottles teeming with DIY project potential}

…into a variation of these:

{wine bottle centerpieces from More Design Please}

I’ll keep you posted on the finished product. I’m still looking for ways to repurpose the wine corks, so feel free to share any nuggets of DIY wisdom you’re willing to divulge!

Wish me luck,


*Loosely translated, “serious thought” means the time it takes for me to scramble an egg and make French toast for dinner–approximately 6 minutes and 28 seconds.


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Felt Rosette Wreath

According to my blog post history, I’m becoming a tad predictable. It seems that every autumn, I experience a strong urge to craft and apparently this urge mainfests itself in wreath form. And true to wreath form, this year is no different!

Thanks to Christopher Columbus and government holidays, this banker is currently on the tail end of a lovely three-day weekend filled with late mornings, movie nights with Clooney and Gosling, Starbucks salted caramel mochas, and Pinterest surfing. I can’t get enough of this website! So many cute ideas for home decor, baking, fashion, crafting, travel–the possibilities are endless.

Two hours in to my Pinterest pinning, I discovered a series of adorable felt rosette wreaths. They were colorful, festive, and best of all, seemingly simple to make! Before I knew it, I found myself mulling over colored felt sheets in the fabric section at Michael’s, Starbucks in hand and felt rosette wreaths on my mind. I decided on yellow and purple, or at least what looked like yellow and purple to this colorblind girl.

A few hours and one hot glue gun burn later, success:

I made the rosettes in varying sizes to mix it up a bit and fly in the face of my perfectionist side.

I love the end result!

While I’m certainly proud of my new creation, I can’t take credit for the whole rosette wreath idea. I found Stelabird on Pinterest and she offers great a tutorial on her blog along with a wealth of other cute DIYs. Check out Stelabird’s rosette wreath tutorial and get to work making your own!

And start following me on Pinterest to kick-start your own pinning obsession. I promise you won’t regret it!

Happy fall, y’all!

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Everything changes when autumn rolls around: the air becomes deliciously crisp, the temperatures start to drop, the leaves begin to turn crunchy, and like clockwork, the spirit of Martha Stewart (or a lesser-talented relative) takes over my body and I enter into craft mode. I buy candle-making kits and seriously consider purchasing a potter’s wheel. I decide to re-decorate with Christmas lights and artistic greenery. I make frequent trips to Hobby Lobby, vowing to make all of my Christmas presents by hand.
Yes, it happens every year. It’s a phenomenon that I simply can’t explain—especially considering that I am hopelessly and utterly craft-challenged. It’s the honest truth. The candle-making kits? I forgot to insert the wicks before the wax solidified. The artistic greenery? I fell off the counter while attempting to decorate the tops of my kitchen cabinets. The potter’s wheel? Ha, surely you jest.
Two years ago, I stumbled upon a huge yarn sale at a local craft store and took it as a sign from the Lord that I was meant to learn how to knit for His glory. Three bags of multi-colored yarn, two sets of knitting needles, and an adorable knitter’s bag later, I drove home from the craft store, filled with knitting-inspired determination and dreaming of all of the handmade scarves and hats that my friends and family would soon enjoy. I arrived home and immediately set to work, knitting two and pearling one.
Within an hour, I had stabbed myself with the knitting needles more than once and thus amended my dream ever so slightly from high-fashion scarves and hats to modest potholders. Another hour later, the dream had died altogether and I had somehow managed to mangle the would-be potholder beyond recognition.

Face-to-face with my own craft impairment, I sat alone on my living room floor and tearfully mourned the knitting triumphs that might have been.

Fast forward to the present. Autumn is already upon us and like clockwork again, my impulse to craft is beginning to rear its predictably ugly head. Except this year, in all of His great wisdom and humorous irony, God has seen fit to bless me with a dear friend and roommate who is a gifted scrap-booker and—even worse—a craft aficionado.
Megan creates beautifully unique greeting cards, gift tags, and cupcake toppers and operates her very own Etsy Shop, Megan Brooke Handmade


She possesses a true talent and yet still manages to stoop down to my level to sweetly nurture my crafting attempts and provide encouragement. So when Megan showed me her recently completed coffee filter wreath, it came as no surprise that her little masterpiece looked like it rolled straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog. The wreath was beautiful… and I had to have one.
So, off to Publix and Michaels I went. 200 coffee filters, 100 safety pins, and a foam wreath form later, a coffee filter wreath was born. Against all odds, I finally achieved crafting success! Admittedly, I did stick myself a few times with the safety pins but the end result was well worth the pain. Take a look at my finished product below and head on over to The Little Brown House to learn how to make your very own.


And be sure and visit Megan’s Etsy shop and check out her new collection of holiday cards! She’s one talented gal.


Happy crafting!

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