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Two weeks ago, in an effort to eliminate at least one project from my ever-expanding to-do list, I dove headfirst into my closet and refused to emerge until the mandatory winter wardrobe transition was complete. My collection of multi-colored tank tops and bejeweled flip flops soon found themselves stuffed inside Tupperware containers and relegated to the very back of the closet, while cowl-neck sweaters and suede boots emerged from closeted hibernation and took their rightful place among my everyday wardrobe.

In the midst of this massive restructuring effort, I stumbled upon my old leather trunk filled with memories from high school and college. Photos from my high school honor choir tour. Handwritten notes and cards from loved ones. Journals and maps from my adventures in Europe. Even the token stuffed animal, which in my case happens to be an over-sized cow named Fatima.

During this brief stroll down memory lane, I happened across another to-do list I made a few years back. A list filled with tasks that I WANT to do as opposed to HAVE to do. A list comprised of feats I’d like to accomplish, places I’d like to travel to, languages I’d like to learn, and milestones I’d like to reach. A list full of potential and possibility. And sadly, a list that—until a week ago—had been misplaced at the bottom of a trunk, forlornly nestled between Fatima the Cow and my international postcard collection.

As I sat on the floor of my closet and started reading through my newly rediscovered list, I realized that I could only cross off a handful of tasks. And by a handful, I mean less than five. Study abroad in Europe. Check. Graduate from college with honors. Check. Take an art class. Check. Learn how to knit. Eh, that one never should have made it on there in the first place. And… that was pretty much it.

I realize that I’m only twenty-three years old and hopefully have several years ahead of me to explore Italy and Ireland, change the oil in my car, learn to play the guitar, and take a cake decorating class, but that shouldn’t give me an excuse to procrastinate and put these dreams on hold. At the risk of sounding like a bad American Idol song: What about now? What about today?

Which brings me to my rare and spectacular moment of initiative and follow-through. Determined to begin tackling my rediscovered to-do list, I enrolled in a Cupcakes and Cake Balls class at the local Viking Cooking School. And after five hours this past Sunday, the verdict was in: I was in love.

I made cake balls.

I rolled fondant.

I shaped tiny carrots out of marzipan.

It. Was. Fabulous. I rediscovered my love of baking and for the first time in a very long time I felt truly excited and passionate about what I was doing and creating. I was practically giddy. Now, I’ll most likely have to take up full-time yoga in order to compensate for this new hobby, but we all have to make sacrifices in life. To peruse more pictures of my decked-out baked goods, check out my Cupcake & Cake Balls photo album on Facebook album.

One task down and countless others to go. It may only be one small step for my little to-do list, but it’s definitely one giant leap towards realizing and accomplishing my dreams.


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